June 22, 2023

Coverage Map App Launches on the Apple App Store

Download the app today for free to compare cellular coverage in your area. Available on iPhone and iPad.

Coverage Map app on iPad and iPhone

Today we are thrilled to announce the Coverage Map app is available on the Apple App Store!

You can download Coverage Map for free on both iPhone and iPad.

The app brings the great features and functionality of the website in an experience built for mobile.

Here’s what you can enjoy:

The Speed Map

The Speed Map inside the Coverage Map app

The Speed Map is the first page of the app. 

It is a crowd-sourced map of the cellular data speeds on each carrier. 

The map is made up of color coded hexagons. The darker hexagons indicate faster speeds. You can use the Speed Map to see what carrier offers the best speeds in your area. 

Tapping on any hexagon shows more details for that location, including specific download speeds, upload speeds, and latency.

You can also use advanced filters to only show specific data on the map.

The carrier filter lets you see results for only a specific carrier. The technology filter lets you compare performance between 4G LTE and 5G. And speed filter lets you only show hexagons that meet certain thresholds for download and upload speeds.

filter options with the Coverage Map app

Helpful coloring tools let you customize the appearance of the map. 

You can color the map by the best, average, or median values for download speeds, upload speeds, or latency.

You can also choose between the default, heat map, or best carrier color profiles. The default profile colors the map to match the branding of the selected carrier with four color tiers. The heat map view standardizes the coloring for all carriers, and it has nine color tiers to give you more granular detail. And the best carrier profile colors each hexagon based on which carrier has the best performance in that specific hexagon. 

The Speed Map is the superior way to compare cellular performance in your area and identify the fastest carrier. 

Coverage Map app showing New York City with the Best Carrier view enabled


The Signal Strength Map

The Signal Strength Map inside the Coverage Map app

The Signal Strength shows where carriers have great, good, or poor reception.

It uses coverage data from the FCC.

If your area hasn’t been fully mapped in the crowd-sourced Speed Map just yet, then the Signal Strength Map is a great way to see what coverage looks like in your area. 

The granular detail and heat map color coding can also allow you to estimate the approximate location of cell towers in your area and understand why one carrier may perform better or worse than another. 

Manage And View Your Speed Tests

The Results tab in the Coverage Map app shows you a list of your speed tests taken across all your devices

People run speed tests across many different devices using different speed testing applications.

What if there were a way to aggregate all those tests together?

With the Speed Test tab in the application, you can! 

The Speed Test tab is an elegant way to sort and view your speed tests. It aggregates all speed tests across different devices and speed testing apps and places them all in a convenient view. You can sort your speed tests by LTE or 5G, by download speed, or by upload speed.


The Leaderboard tab in the Coverage Map app

Compete with your friends and fellow speed testers on the leaderboard!

Earn points for each speed test you upload to Coverage Map.

The monthly leaderboard resets every month, so there is always a new chance to appear on top. 

Points are awarded as follows:

  • 2 points for every speed test uploaded
  • 2 points for every new 25 km hexagon generated
  • 2 points for every new 10 km hexagon generated
  • 2 points for every new 5 km hexagon generated
  • 3 points for every new 2 km hexagon generated
  • 5 points for every new 0.7 km hexagon generated
  • 10 points for every new 0.3 km hexagon generated
  • 15 points for every new 0.1 km hexagon generated

We Think You’re Going To Love It

This app was built in Swift from the ground up, for you. We think you’re going to love it. :)

Download the Coverage Map app now.

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