March 11, 2024 Launches Innovative Speed Test Feature

Measure cellular performance and automatically contribute to the crowdsourced map of cellular coverage with this latest app update.

iPhone on a desk running the new Coverage Map speed test

Longmont, CO, March 11, 2024 –– In an exciting development for mobile users nationwide, is thrilled to announce the launch of its innovative Speed Test feature within its iOS application.

The newly introduced Speed Test feature is not just another addition to the iOS app; it is a game-changer for network enthusiasts nationwide. 

Here are the top five features that set the new Speed Test apart:

  1. Recurring tests
  2. Data use control
  3. Seamless social sharing
  4. Automatic contribution to the crowdsourced Speed Test Map
  5. No-coverage mapping

1. Recurring Tests

Settings for configuring recurring speed tests in the Coverage Map app

One of the most requested features from a survey of over 200 users was for the ability to run multiple recurring speed tests. is happy to share the ability to run multiple recurring speed tests is here!

The new Speed Test allows users to automatically run up to 500 tests back-to-back or to run recurring tests until a specified data amount is reached.

The recurring tests feature is the perfect way to map cellular coverage while driving, walking, hiking, biking, or doing anything else on the move.

2. Data Use Control

Options to set a data limit and a date for the data use to be reset each month in the Coverage Map app

85% of cell phone plans have a high-speed data limit of some kind.

Recognizing the importance of data management, introduces the ability to set a data limit for the speed test feature.

Users can set the maximum allotment of cellular data they want the speed test feature to use. They can also set a date for the data usage to reset to match when their high-speed data in their cell phone plan is replenished. 

The data management settings empower users with limited amounts of high-speed data to test cellular performance and contribute to the crowdsourced Speed Test Map without worrying about going over their high-speed allotment.

3. Seamless Social Sharing

A screenshot of a speed test shared on X (formerly Twitter)

There is nothing more fun than discovering a new location with 5G UC, 5G UW, or 5G+ and sharing that result on social media. 

Unfortunately, current speed test apps typically show final test results at the top of the screen, which means the results get cropped out when shared on social platforms. fixes this with the Speed Test feature.

The test results automatically move to the center of the screen after a test is run, ensuring no information is cropped out when users share the result on social media. 

4. Automatic Contribution to the Crowdsourced Speed Test Map

The Speed Test Map shown on an iPhone with the user standing in a hexagon that has not been mapped yet

Each test run in the Speed Test automatically contributes results to the crowdsourced Speed Test Map, the fastest-growing crowdsourced map of cellular coverage that is public facing.

This community-focused initiative creates a map that offers invaluable insights into real-world network performance across the nation, assisting others in making informed decisions about their mobile network providers.

5. No-Coverage Mapping

Hexagon on the Speed Test Map that shows no cellular coverage

Beyond speed testing, the app now offers the capability to map areas with no cell coverage. 

This critical feature not only aids in identifying cell coverage dead zones but also helps network providers pinpoint areas in need of infrastructure development.

A Commitment to Connectivity

“We’re excited to launch this speed test feature, which aligns with our mission of providing consumers with the most accurate and up-to-date coverage information available,” said Stetson Doggett, co-founder of “By providing these advanced tools, we're not just offering a service; we're fostering a community where every user’s experience contributes to a collective understanding of mobile network performance."

The mobile app, including the new speed test feature, is available for download on iOS.

Users are invited to explore this innovative feature and join in shaping the future of how people compare cellular coverage and network performance.

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